ISSEC: ICT Systems and Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities


Smart Cities are expected to play a key role in the implementation of Europe 2020 and its flagship initiatives, as well as to address a number of challenges towards the European Union (EU) 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy.

In the process of building the future Smart Cities, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure will be a key enabler. Among others, Smart Cities distinguish themselves by using innovative solutions for supplying energy more effectively and efficiently, in terms of costs, environmental footprint and/or social impacts.

In this context, the Special Session on “ICT Systems and Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities” will bring the opportunity for researchers to present state-of-the-art, as well as exchange experience and ideas about energy management services and energy use optimization at the city level.

Examples of topics appropriate to the theme of this Special Session, include, but are not limited to:

  • Methodologies and tools for assessment of the energy status in Smart Cities.
  • Collection and modeling of open data from city’s infrastructure, sensors, meters, endpoints and other energy sources.
  • Data capturing modules, data integration and analysis to drive the end-user towards energy optimization approaches.
  • Remote monitoring and control of energy resources from public buildings, pillars, poles, electric vehicle stations, etc.
  • Decision support tools to produce short term energy plans so as to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the city level.
  • Real-life pilot cases in Smart Cities.


Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Haris Doukas, Lecturer, NTUA, Greece
  • Dr. John Psarras, Professor, NTUA, Greece


Contact Information:

Dr. Haris Doukas

Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Management & Decision Support Systems Laboratory

National Technical University of Athens

9, Iroon Polytechniou str., 157 80, Athens GREECE

Tel:  +30 210 7722083;  Fax: +30 210 772 3550